EinsteinWise will be offering chess, robotics, math and SAT prep. camps again, over the summer months.   Our camps offer a unique blend of small group  sizes (maximum 15 per camp),  low camper to instructor ratios, and a staff with not only high academic qualifications, but also high technology industry work experience. 

Please check the camp schedule on our Schedule page to pick the camp of your choice.

We are offering advanced registration for these camps, so that you can make your summer plans early.  

Payments may be made through PayPal either using your account balance or credit card.   Current EinsteinWise students may enroll directly in our office.


Beginner/Intermediate Camp, 1 week, 9:00 am - noon:  Cost $150/camp
Open to all kids K-8.  Choose from 4 separate week-long camps. Learn the Royal game, build competitive skills (clock/notation), or improve your existing skills. Computer enhanced learning accelerates skill building that will last a lifetime. Learn from experienced tournament players and coaches who have extensive state and national level experience.  Prepares the players to attend the Intermediate/Advanced Chess Camp.  Camp includes a free Northwest rated chess tournament.

Intermediate/Advanced Camp, 1 week, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm:  $225/camp
Open to all kids K-8. Sharpen your competitive skills to get ready for tournaments, or get a jump-start on next year’s season.  We combine tactics training along with advanced game play to take your game to the next level.  Our experienced coaches will cover opening theory, middle game planning, and end game strategies.  Camp includes a free Northwest rated chess tournament.


Intro. Robotics Camp, 1 Week, 9 am – 3:30 pm : $225/camp
Open to kids in grades 2-8.  Choose from 2 separate camps.  Introduce your kids to STEM(Science, Technology, Engingeering, and Mathematics) skills, which are considered the next big wave in getting our children ready for the 21st century.  This camp is designed to teach kids how to build mechanically sound structures using Lego kits, and then learn how to program  them using computers using the Lego Mindstorms software.  Builds skills necessary to compete in Lego Robotics tournaments.  Prepare for the Advanced Robotics camp.

Advanced Robotics Camp, 1 Week, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm: $225/camp
Open to kids grades 4 – 8. Take your robotics programming experience to the next level by developing custom models and writing customized programs to make them function. 


SAT Prep Starter Camp,  3 Weeks, 3:30pm – 5:30pm:   Cost $395/camp
One of the best values around for SAT Prep!  Open to all high school students. Targeted towards those who scored near average PSAT range, or for those who have not taken the PSAT/SAT at all.  Get a competitive advantage over other college applicants.  We cover all the areas for the SAT, including the written essay, reading comprehension, and math. 

Advanced SAT Prep Camp, 3 Weeks, 3:30pm – 5:30pm:  Cost $395/camp
Scored above average in PSAT or the SAT and want to score even higher?  This is the camp for you.  Open to all high school students.  Getting into selective colleges that offer full financial support requires top scores, and a competitive edge.  This course, along with the students’s hard work and dedication, will help achieve their goal.


Math Is Fun Camp, 3 Weeks, 3:30 pm  - 5:30 pm:  Cost $295/camp
Open to all kids entering grades 1-6.  Designed to keep math skills sharp.  For those who need it, we provide foundation building exercises, and lots of problem solving questions and puzzles.  Hands-on activities will be provided to introduce kids to applied mathematics – including actual computer programming exercises.

Get Ready for Algebra Camp, 3 Weeks, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm:  Cost $295/camp
Open to all kids grades entering grades 6-9.  Specifically designed to hone skills needed to do well in Algebra in middle or high schools.  Along with reinforcing key algebra concepts, students will get plenty of exercises and problem solving questions.