EinsteinWise offers three types of test preparation courses - the Mini Courses, the Summer Extended Courses, and Long Term SAT course.

Our Mini Test Prep Courses (SAT and ACT) are offered throughout the school year, and are designed to familiarize students with the test format. They are structured to provide a quick overview of all three areas covered by the tests – Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, as well as Science for ACT.   The class will cover basic areas such as vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and essay writing.  They also cover all the mathematics principles that are most often covered in the SAT, and data processing skills required for ACT Science.  These core skills will be reinforced with practice exercises, in-class reviews, and homework assignments.  Taught in four sessions over four Sunday afternoons, these courses are ideal for familiarizing with the test format in a short period of time.    We offer test prep mini courses several times a year.  Please follow our website for announcements as they get scheduled.

Summer Extended Courses:  The SAT Course and the SAT Advanced Course.  The Summer SAT course is focused on all the areas for the SAT, including the written essay, reading comprehension, and math. Special emphasis is placed on building the comfort level of students in taking a long, standardized test, including test format and the types of questions asked.  The courses go deeper into each subject area than the mini course, along with more in-class practice and feedback.  It is targeted towards those who scored near 1000 in the  SAT, or  those who have not taken the PSAT/SAT at all.   It is offered in two sessions, each course is three weeks long. The Advanced Course builds advanced math and vocabulary skills and helps move the SAT scores even higher.  Emphasis is placed on speed and accuracy in answering the more difficult questions that get asked. Proof of scores at or above 1200 in the SAT or 1140 in the PSAT or  Pre-testing is required to enroll.  This course is offered in one three week long session once a year in late July/early August.  

 Our classes are taught in small groups, not exceeding 15 students, by experienced coaches who have coached over 200 students over the last three years.   Our highest SAT scores include one with a perfect 2400, and a few over 2300.  We have several students with perfect 800 score in Mathematics.  The highest ACT  score from our coaching class is 34, with a perfect score of 36 in Science.