The Greeks believed that a well-rounded human should have both a sound mind, and a sound body.  The Eastern philosophers believed in the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Although it has ancient roots in the Far East, Yoga is now very much a mainstream discipline in this country, offered by thousands of private studios, health and fitness clubs, schools, and colleges.  Many health care professionals in the US recognize the short and long term health impact of this discipline, and recommend it to their patients who can benefit from it.

The main benefits of this discipline are to increase lung capacity by promoting deeper breathing, improve circulation through strength and flexibility exercises, and promote ability to focus and concentrate through quiet introspection.  We believe that early exposure to these practices will help provide balance and poise needed to grow up to be a well rounded adult.

  • Prepares the students for the afternoon with gentle stretching, proper breathing, and quiet introspection.
  • Teaches them a lifelong skill, which will prepare them in dealing with stress and other challenges of a modern life.
  • Our program is not in any way, shape or form affiliated with any religion or sect.