Our SAT Prep Class

The philosophy we follow is different from many other SAT Prep schools. The program is designed to provide individualized guidance to students in all three areas covered by the SAT. We also provide guidance in the rest of the areas needed for getting into a good college.

Our program will include:

  • Teaching core skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to be successful in a college environment.
  • Teaching SAT specific skills such as vocaburary, grammar, and essay writing for English, and conceptual understanding of mathematics.
  • Training in test taking skills - they will know how much to sleep and what to eat before the test, how to manage time during the test, what questions to skip, which one to guess, etc. Sometimes this alone make a huge difference.
  • College admission counseling. Includes advising the students what classes to take, how to pick a right college, and how to prepare for the admission process.

Cost: $120 per month

Enrollment: Students can enroll any time after the class has started.




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


5:00 - 7:00 pm


          SAT Prep