What is EinsteinWise all about? Is it daycare, tutoring, kids' play place or a private school?
EinsteinWise is an entirely new concept unlike any of the ones mentioned above. It is designed to provide after school cognitive enrichment, and summer camps based on the same theme. We would like to think of ourselves as the ultimate brain training centers. We also add an element of fun in the equation, just to make sure that world class learning does not have to be devoid of fun.
Why offer a program that stresses cognitive ability? Aren't the kids already stressed out at the end of the school day?
We have a different view of this situation. Cognitive research shows that when information that is presented is appropriate to the child's level, it is not perceived as stressful. Our program is designed to work in this fashion. In addition, our programs start out the sessions with stress relieving activities as gentle stretching and breathing exercises, which get them ready to learn. Unfortunately, most classroom environments do not work this way, so large groups of children may be too challenged or not challenged enough.
What is different with EinsteinWise compared to other tutoring or academically oriented programs?
Our goal is to use the latest in technology to make learning fun. We use tablet computers and proven strategies in software (the math training software, for example is developed specifically for our use) to take learning to a whole new level. We keep track of global trends (not just local or national) to bring the latest to our academies. The choice of Mandarin as a second language is based on such research. Our after school programs also include homework help, which is peace of mind for parents after a hard day at work.
What do you mean by "technology based" teaching?
Research in the area of cognitive psychology has shown that the human brain learns best when information is presented to it in a certain way. Most of these are series of tasks, which need to be mastered before going to the next level. These tasks were done in the classroom on paper and pencil in the past. With the advent of new tablet computers and adaptive learning software, these tasks can finally be automated and presented to the child in an exciting and challenging way. Our own studies in teaching chess have shown that learning is accelerated by several fold without causing fatigue or boredom. We expect this to revolutionize the learning of the basic skills, starting with mathematics, with our own proprietary software technology.
What do you mean by proprietary technology?
We researched all the software that is currently offered to help with math ability, and found them lacking in one or more areas that we think are important. Our goal is to build world class mathematics skills in every student who enrolls in our centers. Our software is designed to automatically adjust to the child's level, and start building mastery of each subsequent level. Our tablet hardware is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. We call this scientifically sound, individualized learning.
My child has been a relatively slow learner. Would he/she be able to keep up with other kids?
The beauty of adaptive learning is that it provides scientifically sound, individualized instruction. One advantage of adaptive learning is that each child is challenged at his/her own level. In the first step of this learning strategy, the computer "learns" the level of the student. Once the base level of understanding is established, then the computer automatically adjusts to the student's learning capability as the student moves through the exercises.
My child is super advanced, and is usually bored in class. Would he/she be challenged?
Again, the beauty of adaptive learning is that it provides scientifically sound, individualized instruction. The same strategy that works with the slower learners also helps with the super advanced learners. The computer establishes a higher "base" for super advanced students, while challenging them with more complex, multi-step problems. It is very common for such students to not only perform at a higher level, but also go deeper at each level.

What are your current offerings?
We offer help in improving math skills, reading, homework help (academic year only), chess, Mandarin (conversational) and robotics (including programming).
What kind of homework help can I expect?
We have instructors who can help with a typical elementary school level homework. Normally, elementary schools target about 30-45 minutes of homework a day, depending on the child. Our goal is to help our students finish any academically oriented homework at our centers. However, we cannot guarantee that the homework is always be finished, and it is the parents' responsibility to make sure it is done. Also, we are not set up to help with anything involving elaborate projects involving a lot of materials. For example, if a child is asked to build a model of a paper machete volcano or a bridge using toothpicks, it may not be practical to help them. However, making a poster for a science project, or a storyboard using poster paper can be accommodated.
Does EinsteinWise assign any homework?
It depends. Some classes may assign homework to reinforce the concepts learned at EinsteinWise. In our experience, students who keep up with their homework tend to make rapid progress compares to those who don't. If you do not want your child to get any homework from us, please let us know.
Why did you pick chess and robotics? They are not part of a regular academic curriculum.
Our vision for EinsteinWise is to make it more fun than just academics, while still helping with cognitive development. Chess has been proven effective worldwide as an activity that builds cognitive ability, while developing other desirable abilities such as concentration, spatial visualization and mental stamina. Chess also has a vibrant competitive community locally, statewide, and nationally, so that there is no limit to how much one can achieve. Similarly, Robotics is an activity that helps with logical thinking, converting scientific theory to practice, and computer programming skills. There are local competitions for Robotics as well.
Why didn't you pick music? Isn't that connected with cognitive development as well?
Yes, it is. However, we feel that at this time in our development, we cannot accommodate music. However, we have left the door open for future offerings.
I did not see Writing and Science as part of your offerings. Why is that?
We do plan on offering them in the future. Statewide student achievement data show that math is one of the areas that need the most improvement. Reading is part of all assessments done at earlier grades. We are planning on focusing on math initially, reading beginning academic year 2011-12, and add others using the same adaptive learning technology later.
Why do you offer Yoga?
Scientific studies have shown that Yoga has several benefits for the body and the mind. It also helps kids calm down and focus before getting into a cognitively challenging routine. We use generic exercises that are widely accepted by professional sports teams and medical professionals.
Is EinsteinWise affiliated with any religion or sect?
No. EinsteinWise is not affiliated with any religious organization. We do not subscribe to any particular religious philosophy. We welcome all students regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity and religion.

I saw an ad for Amerinko Academy in a magazine, and typed their URL, and I got EinsteinWise. What is going on?
No need to panic! We have picked a new name of our academy, EinsteinWise, separate from the corporate name Amerinko. We think the new name appropriately represents what our academies are all about – Brain Training Centers.
Do you have any other locations in the area?
Our East Vancouver location is the only one at this time. Depending on demand, we may open other locations in Clark County and Portland/Beaverton area.
Who are the instructors at your centers? How do they get to work at your place?
We are very picky when it comes to our instructors. Our senior partners are high technology professionals who have also taught students at various levels, especially chess, mathematics, and computer programming. Our Mandarin instructor is a trained teacher from China, who has been teaching Mandarin as a second language for the last several years. Our junior instructors are interns who are picked from the top tiers of their classes.
Are your instructors certified teachers?
We welcome any highly qualified applicant from the subject area to be an instructor in our academies. Our technology is so new that the educational system has not created a certification process. Also, the adaptive learning technology demands instructors who are comfortable not only with the content being taught, but also with the technology used to deliver it. Therefore, we train our own instructors.
Is your curriculum aligned with the WA state's?
Our curriculum is designed to be modular, somewhat like lego blocks. We can "build" a custom curriculum to fit any state's standard, including Washington's. We are confident that we will exceed any of the current state standards, or the new common core standards.
What age/grade is your center targeted at?
We are targeted at K-8 (roughly 5 through 14 years in age). Our after school programs as well as our camps are designed for this age group. The camps are designed such that a family in which both parents work can leave their child with us and pick them up in the evening. We are not a day care center, so the kids who will do well in our camps are usually independent, and can stay in a camp like setting for long periods.
How are the kids grouped, by age or ability?
It depends on the activity and the number enrolled. Usually, kids will be grouped by ability, not age or grade.
My child has been identified as ADHD. Will the child be able attend your programs.
It depends on the child. Past experience has shown that some kids with ADHD are actually helped by having a technology based learning environment. However, if the child's behavior is deemed detrimental to the learning of other kids, we will not be able to continue with them in our programs.
Is transportation provided?
Parents/guardians are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children. During regular school season, those students from Fisher's Landing Elementary school who feel comfortable walking or biking are welcome to do so. We are working on a transportation solution from other schools. If there are parents willing to car pool students from other neighboring elementary schools, we would love to hear from you.
Are there any different payment plans or options?
Not at this time.
Can I pick and choose select classes or is it all or nothing?
Our camps are offered in one week "chunks", and one can select the week they want to enroll their child in. Payment is made weekly, depending on the camp selected. Each camp has the some content, but repeat students will be given higher levels of work. Our after school programs are offered for the school year, but payment is made monthly.

How are fees paid for the camps?
Once we let you know your payment (usually during on line registration), payment options are provided to you. Currently, our payment options include Paypal and direct debit transfer from your bank account. For camps, payment is made depending on the camp selected. Our after school programs are offered for the school year, but payment is made monthly.
Are there any different payment plans or options?
Not at this time.
Do you offer scholarships?
We do not currently offer any scholarships. In the future, we hope to be able to offer scholarships to a small percentage of students. Please check our website for details.
Do you offer a sibling discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts to siblings, multiple camps, and for certain high tech companies who have made arrangements with us. Please check our camp and policies website for the latest information on discounts.
How about refunds?
Our refund policy is stated in our Policies page. In short, camp fees and monthly payments are non refundable once the session starts.
What if my child falls sick and cannot attend a camp?
If the illness happens before camp starts, and is expected to last the duration of the camp, you will be refunded the camp fees. (Registration fee is non refundable). If the child falls sick in the middle of the camp, or we are notified of the illness after the camp starts, the fee is non refundable. If a similar camp is scheduled later, the child has the option to attend the remainder of the camp at no cost.
What other additional fees are there?
Late fees, registration fees are shown in our policies. Other fees may be assessed based on the situation. Please check our policy document for details.

Your summer camps are not like some others I have seen. What is different?
Yes, our summer camps are quite different. They follow the same theme of cognitive development as our after school programs.
There are many choices on your summer camp list. What is a good way to go about choosing what my child needs?
It depends on your child's interest. The chess camps are designed to challenge youngsters at their own level of play. Beginners will be taught the basics and will eventually get skilled enough to play in local tournaments. The training we provided in the past has helped many students in the past win local, state level and even a couple of national titles. The Mandarin camps are designed for basic conversations, eventually leading to learning simple Chinese characters. The Robotics camps are used as a tool to teach not only mechanical skills, but computer programming as well. Our Math Is Fun camps are designed to challenge the students to stretch beyond the current level, and get ready to go back to school well prepared for the next grade.
Do you offer before and after camp activities?
Yes, we plan on offering before and after camp fun activities to children during the summer camp season.
Are meals and snacks provided?
Meals are not provided at our camps, although we will provide light snacks in between meals. Please send the child with a bag lunch and any snacks if you would like to stay with your own.

Are parents allowed to participate? What classes can the parents join?
PParents are welcome to participate during camps or after school (no charge for parents)! Especially if your child is very young, this provides an extra confidence booster for your child. If you want to learn a new language or skill along with your child, this is one of the best ways!
Is the Mandarin Chinese you teach for native Chinese speakers?
No. Although native Chinese speaking students are welcome. Our goal is to introduce a new language at a very young age, when the brain is better "wired" to pick up new languages.
Do we have to purchase laptops for our own kids?
No. We provide tablet computers to students for daily classroom use. They are not allowed to take them home, however. If you would like to purchase one for home use, you are welcome to do so.