ARRIVALS (For non-Columbia Valley Students) – Inform a staff member that the child has arrived and "SIGN-IN" the child. Please do not leave a child at the school unsupervised OR send children into the school unescorted WITHOUT having established an agreement in writing with the Site Supervisor. Upon their arrival, children will be greeted by an EinsteinWise staff member and signed in. They store their belongings in a provided space, and asked to wash their hands prior to the beginning of the class.

DEPARTURES –When picking up a child from the EinsteinWise program, parents/guardians or authorized individuals must enter the building and sign out their children. People unfamiliar to the EinsteinWise staff, including parents and guardians and other adults who may not be familiar with the EinsteinWise staff, will be asked to present photo IDs before a child will be released to them. unfamiliar to the EinsteinWise staff, including parents/guardians and other authorized individuals, will be asked to present photo identification before a child will be released to them.

NOTE ON PICKUPS: It is essential that children are picked up consistently at departure time. Please make an agreement with your child ahead of time as to when he or she will be picked up, so that there is no undue anxiety at the end of the day. Parents must provide at least two contact numbers to call in case no one shows up at pick up time. If a parent or guardian is early for pickup, and the child is in the middle of a scheduled activity, it is advised that the parent or guardian wait until the activity is finished

Parents/guardians are EXPECTED to let EinsteinWise know if their child/ren will not be attending their regularly scheduled day at EinsteinWise (due to illness, vacation, play-date, etc…), by calling the EinsteinWise program at 360-433-0750 or by emailing . Child's school office is not responsible for reporting children's absences to the EinsteinWise program; this is the sole parents/guardians. If a child is absent and we have not received prior notification, we will investigate the whereabouts of the child, by contacting the child's parents/guardians directly.

Only those individuals listed as PERSONS AUTHORIZED TO PICK-UP on the child's EinsteinWise Enrollment Form will be allowed to pick-up a child from the EinsteinWise program. If at any time you wish to authorize additional people to pick-up your child, notice must be received in writing by the EinsteinWise Site Supervisor before EinsteinWise can release your child to the new individual. Photo ID will ALSO be checked before the child will be released from EinsteinWise's care.

Under no circumstances will EinsteinWise release a child to a person who is not on a child's pick-up authorization list if EinsteinWise has not received a written release note from the child's parent/guardian. This includes people the child and/or EinsteinWise staff members may be familiar with as well as parents/guardians and families of other children enrolled in the EinsteinWise program. EinsteinWise staff will not force a child to leave with someone who is unfamiliar to the child. If the individual in question is not a parent, we will attempt to contact a parent for further instructions. If the individual is a parent, we will attempt to contact the other parent. If we are unable to make contact or are unable to obtain instructions which appear to correct the imminent danger of harm to your child(ren), or staff, we will contact local law enforcement agents and will refuse to release the child(ren) until we have been authorized by those local law enforcement agents.

EinsteinWise closes PROMPTLY at 6:30PM, unless otherwise stated. You will be charged a Late Pick- up Fee of $3.00 for each minute after 6:30PM. This fee will appear on your account in the next monthly billing cycle. Habitual late pick-ups can result in termination from the EinsteinWise program.
Volunteers are valued at EinsteinWise and offer unique life experiences and creative capabilities to help enrich and enhance each child's experience at our program. Volunteers are not counted in our child to staff ratios. Volunteers over the age of 18 are required to go through the same background checks as our Amerkino staff. Volunteers at EinsteinWise do not have unsupervised access to children at any time, including during emergencies.

Please keep your child at home if they show any of the following symptoms or are just not feeling well. A good day of rest and fluids is better than trying to spend a day learning while feeling ill.
EinsteinWise shall not admit or retain any child with one of the following symptoms or combination of symptoms:

Fever over 100 degrees F, taken with a digital ear thermometer
Diarrhea (more than abnormally loose, runny, or bloody stool)
Skin or eye lesions or rashes that are severe, weeping, or pus filled
Stiff neck and headache with one or more of the listed symptoms
Complaints of severe pain
Difficult breathing or abnormal wheezing
Any communicable diseases (chicken pox, strep throat, measles, fifths disease, scabies, pink eye, etc.)

Any child, who shows symptoms of illness, as listed above, shall be isolated from the group as best possible while still visible to the EinsteinWise staff. The child's parents/guardians will be immediately notified and asked to have the child removed from EinsteinWise as soon as possible as we are not equipped with either staff or facilities to care for sick children.
If the child's parents/guardians cannot be reached, EinsteinWise will call the emergency contact person listed on the child's registration form and ask that they pick-up the child immediately.
If a child has minor cold symptoms, which do not impair his/her functioning, the child may remain at EinsteinWise and the parents/guardians will be notified upon pick-up of their child.
All contagious diseases (chicken pox, pink eye, head lice, etc…) must, by law, be reported to the EinsteinWise lead staff IMMEDIATELY. All family information will be kept confidential.
EinsteinWise is required by law to immediately report an outbreak of communicable disease or food poisoning to all parents/guardians by posted notices. Children cannot be admitted back until 24-hours after the end of the symptoms listed above. Also, children who are put on antibiotics should not return to EinsteinWise until 24-hours after first taking the antibiotics. A physician's note stating that the child is no longer contagious may be required.


All EinsteinWise employees are first aid certified aid to an injured child. A parent/guardian shall be contacted immediately, if it is the judgment of the EinsteinWise staff that medical attention may be necessary, immediate or not. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, EinsteinWise staff will attempt to contact the child's mergency contact(s) and/or the child's listed doctor. In the event that a parent/guardian, emergency contact or doctor cannot be reached OR there is an extreme emergency, 911 will be contacted. If emergency personnel determine a child needs immediate medical attention the child may be taken via ambulance (at the family's expense) to the nearest emergency hospital. An EinsteinWise staf person will accompany the child until a parent/guardian's arrival. Syrup of Ipecac will ONLY be administered to a child by EinsteinWise staff if instructed to do so by Poison Control Professionals.

ACCIDENTS REPORTS are completed by EinsteinWise staff for any/all accidents that result in any type of visible injury, a bump to the head, and/or the presence of blood. Completed forms are then given to parents/guardians for review upon pick-up and require a signature. Signed forms are then kept in the child's file at EinsteinWise. Copies of Accident Forms are available to parents/guardians upon request, generally by the next business day.

EinsteinWise follows the Evergreen School District Inclement Weather Policy. If Columbia Valley School is closed due to inclement weather then ALL EinsteinWise programs will also be CLOSED. If Columbia Valley School has a 2-hr morning delay due to inclement weather or some other emergency issue, then EinsteinWise Before School Care will be CLOSED. Call EinsteinWise for closure information as well as any updates and be sure to refer to the local news stations 2, 6, 8 and Fox as well as the below Evergreen School District website and the PDX Info website for continued inclement weather announcements and coverage:
If the EinsteinWise program determines that it will be unsafe to operate after school care due to current and/or pending inclement weather, then the EinsteinWise program will close early. Parents/guardians will be notified immediately via phone and email of the decision to close early and will be asked to make arrangements for the immediate pick-up of their child. All children will then be expected to be removed from the program within one hour of the call to parents/guardians. No child will be left at EinsteinWise unsupervised.
All EinsteinWise after school employees are considered mandatory reporters and MUST report "reasonable suspicion" of child abuse according to Washington Law. Suspected Child Abuse reports are filed with either the Department of Human Services child welfare or the local law enforcement agency. State child protective services will assess the information provided and take further action, if necessary. Washington Law recognizes these types of abuse: physical injury, neglect, sexual
abuse and exploitation, threat of harm, mental injury and child selling.
As a staff we are committed to using consistent correction procedures and appropriate consequences to discourage students from engaging in inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior will be viewed as an opportunity to teach the appropriate behavioral and social skills and to motivate children to behave in a mature and responsible manner. Most actions for non- compliance will be handled between the EinsteinWise staff and the child through open communication, revisiting the expectations and rules, and then redirection. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will increase in severity based on the number of previous offenses. See below for specific details of the EinsteinWise Inappropriate Behavior Policy.
Action Plan for Inappropriate Behavior

Clear and consistent guidelines are presented to children so that they are aware of their responsibilities and can be held accountable for their behavior. Discipline at EinsteinWise is not intended as punishment for inappropriate behavior, rather, it is meant to be a positive way of helping children learn to cooperate with one another, to develop self-control, and to learn positive problem- solving skills. The following is an outline of actions the EinsteinWise staff will use towards disciplining negative/inappropriate behavior:

1. REDIRECTION: ACTION OR THOUGHT - If a child is having a hard day and is not following procedures/expectations or is having conflicts with other children and their behavior affects or disrupts the group, EinsteinWise staff will start with redirection and appropriate communication. EinsteinWise staff will listen to the situation and help the child communicate their feelings appropriately and positively. They will encourage communication regarding the appropriate expectation and choosing to use one's words positively instead of using one's body to deal with the difficult situation. The EinsteinWise staff will develop conversations between the children to teach them appropriate problem-solving/conflict resolution skills such as: walking away; no, go tell; take "self time" before acting; and/or asking a staff member for assistance. The child will then be redirected to handle their situation appropriately and/or encouraged to participate in another activity offered at EinsteinWise.

2. REDIRECTION DOES NOT WORK AND CHOICES MUST BE GIVEN - If a child is involved in a dispute or
is engaged in disruptive behavior and will not respond to communication, redirection or warnings, the child will be given specific choices by the EinsteinWise staff. At this point, the child will be asked to stop the activity and move to another where their behavior can be more closely monitored or make honest attempts to heal the situation.

3. REMOVE CHILD OR BEHAVIOR FROM ACTIVITY - If a child's behavior is at a point where they refuse to respond to the choices that are given, the child will be removed from the situation to take some "self time" to think or just cool off. A staff member will be with the child to encourage communication and talk about the situation At this point, consequences will be given and privileges will be taken away, an Incident Report will also be written and then given to parents to help communicate the behavioral issue and encourage parental support.

4. TALK WITH FAMILY UPON PICK-UP OR A CALL WILL BE MADE FOR AN EARLY PICK-UP REQUEST If a child has exhibited continual negative behaviors throughout their day at EinsteinWise, the EinsteinWise staff will inform parents/guardians of the behavior issues upon end of day pick-up or with a telephone call, a EinsteinWise Incident Form will be completed and signed by the child's parents/guardians. The parents/guardians will be told what the negative behavior was, what steps were taken to resolve the issue and how the child responded to these steps. If the inappropriate behavior warrants it, a call may be placed to the child's family requesting immediate early pick-up. This will be determined on a case by case basis and will depend on the severity of the inappropriate behavior and the amount of one on one time the child's behavior is costing the teaching staff.

5. CONTINUED NEGATIVE/INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR - It is EinsteinWise's goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children, families and teaching staff. The EinsteinWise staff is committed to work with parents/ guardians in any way shape or form to help a child with continued and/or known behavioral issues. However, if a child's continued inappropriate behavior becomes a danger to themselves, the EinsteinWise staff, or other EinsteinWise children, and/or the child leaves the group, and/or is verbally or physically aggressive toward another child or staff member, the child will be separated from the group and supervised by a EinsteinWise staff member and the child's family will be contacted for immediate removal of the child. A conference will then be scheduled with the child and family.
***In the above case, children may be suspended for 1 day or more depending on the severity of the incident.
Extreme cases may warrant permanent expulsion.


EinsteinWise is considered a Bully-Free Zone. This policy prohibits harassment and bullying on or near school grounds, going to or from school, at any school activity.
What is considered harassment and bullying?

■ Threatening
■ Insulting
■ Hurting another child's body
■ Causing another child to fear being hurt or embarrassed
■ Making fun of someone
■ Intentionally excluding a certain child or group of children
■ Causing another child to fear damaged his/her property
■ Damaging another child's property
■ Trying to make others afraid at school

EinsteinWise does not tolerate bullying or any excessive inappropriate/negative behavior. Such behaviors can be cause for severe consequences and/or suspension from program participation and in worse case scenarios expulsion from the EinsteinWise program. EinsteinWise may implement a three strike program and/or Behavior negative/inappropriate/aggressive behaviors. EinsteinWise will follow the school's actions if a child is suspended or expelled from school, they will NOT be authorized to attend the EinsteinWise program until they are allowed to return to school.


To ensure that EinsteinWise families are getting the most out of their EinsteinWise experience, EinsteinWise keeps the lines of communication open with our families in a variety of ways;

• Informal meetings
• Formal meetings/child conferences
• Training sessions where requested
• Parent Feedback evaluations
• Monthly Newsletters & Calendars
• Flyers & Bulletin Board Displays
• Email updates
• Open communication via phone and email

The key to a positive partnership is communication, with parents/guardians being responsible for making sure their care provider is aware of the parents' goals, the provider being responsible for learning parents' goals, and ensuring that they fit within the overall philosophy of the care provider.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS are most welcome. As little as 15 or 20 minutes spent with a small group of children provides those children the opportunity to interact with other adult models, a wonderful learning volunteering could include field trips, work parties, etc. EinsteinWise families are assigned a PARENT PICK-UP FILE located near the EinsteinWise Attendance Log in which all- important documents, flyers, handouts and artwork will be placed for the parents/guardians to take home. Parent Pick-up Files are arranged alphabetically by the child's last name.
PARENT FEEDBACK EVALUATIONS will be conducted twice a year, online through our website. This feedback is used to evaluate our program's progress, learn parent goals and assess changes if any are needed.


At EinsteinWise, we believe that our families deserve the very best. That's why we take quality standards VERY seriously. We aim to meet and maintain the highest quality childcare
standards that are set by both state and federal agencies. We then evaluate our programs, employees, and practices regularly to ensure these high standards are continuously met and maintained. It is important to us that our services meet the needs of the children and families we serve. To do so, we set exacting criteria to achieve the high quality childcare standards and then survey our families twice a school year to help us evaluate our success in the following areas:

• Age-appropriate programming and curriculum
• Professionalism and staf development
• Assessment of fees and billing process
• Consistent and effective communication
• Overall cleanliness
• Overall parent and child satisfaction
• Safety & security of the program facilities and play areas
• Snack nutrition
• Vacation Day & Late Opening Program satisfaction

The EinsteinWise-Afterschool management team continually monitors these high quality standards and provides any necessary ongoing training for all staff if/when necessary.


EinsteinWise generally serves children in K- 5th grade, ages 5-11. Applicants who think they may benefit from this program will be considered on a case – by – case basis.

I. A CURRENT ACCOUNT is REQUIRED for families currently enrolled at EinsteinWise during the 2011 Spring semester (February 1 till the end of the school year). We prefer to have every family enroll in an electronic fund transfer program in order to reduce paperwork.

II. A NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE is required to complete the enrollment process. Enrollment materials will not be processed without your registration fee enclosed. If there is no space available, you can opt to be put on a waitlist and after a month if we still can't get you into the program then have your registration fee refunded OR choose to have your registration fee refunded immediately and paperwork shredded.

Open enrollment is available through our website at Dates and deadlines will be posted on the website for each new term.
During the subsequent term CLOSED-Priority Enrollment period priority is given to the currently enrolled children, with current account balances, who submit completed enrollment materials and payment prior to the start of the OPEN-Public Enrollment period.
This is the time for currently participating families to enroll their sibling as well.
Application received during the OPEN-Public Enrollment period will be accepted and processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
If, at any time, enrollment exceeds the program's capacity, then enrollment applications will be processed as follows:
Siblings of currently registered children.
A first come, first serve waiting list will be established if necessary.

IV. A CONFIRMATION LETTER will be emailed out once your child's enrollment has been received and processed. This letter will let you know your child's placement in the program and will include other valuable information to starting in the program.

V. THE FIRST MONTH'S TUITION will then be charged to confirm and hold your child's space. This fee is also NON- REFUNDABLE.



The EinsteinWise TUITION FEE STRUCTURE is based on registration for the school year from the first day of EinsteinWise, in February 2011, to the last day of EinsteinWise in June 2011. The monthly fees charged to participating families are set at a point where our income offsets our monthly expense for space use, activity & operation supplies, as well as administrative and staff costs. The cost of our program does not vary with individual daily absences (e.g. due to illness), so we do not make daily or hourly adjustments.

TUITION FEES for the Spring term are divided into 5 equal payments of $330 each. You will get a discount if you pay the entire amount in advance. February payment will be BILLED and is DUE in January and is NON- REFUNDABLE. The remaining payments will be billed and due at the beginning of each month.

BILLING STATEMENTS are electronically mailed out the first week of the month for the current month's tuition and payments are then due by the 15th of the month.We encourage everyone to sign up for electronic payment of monthly payments in order to ensure punctuality and reduce paperwork. Any payment that is not honored on time will be subject to a late fee on a tiered scale. Payments made after the 15th of the month may not be reflected in the next month's billing statement.

i. A non-refundable registration fee MUST accompany the on line registration form. Payment can be made using Paypal. If the payment is not accompanied, your registration will not be guaranteed.
ii. Fees shall be paid as specified on each monthly bill; all billing questions can be directed to the Director Afterschool Programs.
iii. Statements are emailed out the first week of each month and a due date will be indicated.
iv. Accounts not paid by the due date shall be considered delinquent.
v. Notices of delinquent accounts shall be sent to parents/guardians.
vi. Delinquent accounts not cleared within 5 days of the notice date, will deem a child ineligible to participate at EinsteinWise .
vii. Re-instatement of the child may occur when the delinquent account is paid in full, but will be subject to current space
viii. In addition, EinsteinWise, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny program re-entry due to habitual non- payment of accounts.
ix. Although tuition payments can be made automatically through your bank account (checking or savings) via Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Contact us for more information on monthly automatic payment information.
x. Written Notice must be given to the Site Supervisor by the 20th of the month preceding cancellation or change in your child's EinsteinWise schedule.
A 10% Sibling Discount for 2 or more children is offered to EinsteinWise families.
WRITTEN NOTICE must be given directly to the Site Supervisor by the 20th of the month preceding a cancellation or ANY changes to a child's EinsteinWise participation schedule. Notice given AFTER the 20th of the month prior to the change is subject to the next full month's fee and/or other additional fees. Email notification is accepted as written notification. REFUNDS/CREDITS ARE NOT OFFERED FOR ANY CHANGES.
EinsteinWise does not issue refunds for days children miss due to illness, family vacation, or any other absences. If a child misses their scheduled day at EinsteinWise, that day is then lost. DUE TO STRICT state- enforced child/staff ratios, and the costs of staffing, supplies, building fees, etc., EinsteinWise does NOT provide any credits, refunds, or trading of days for absences weather/emergency closures. of any kind, including but not limited to: illness, vacation, or inclement weather.
LATE PICK-UP - EinsteinWise closes at 6:30PM, unless otherwise stated. You will be charged a Late Pick- up Fee of $3.00 for each minute after 6:30PM. This fe will appear on your next monthly bill. Regular late pick-ups may result in FAILURE TO NOTIFY OF ABSENCE FEE – It is important that we know if your child will not be attending the program on a day when s/he was scheduled to be with us. When children do not arrive as scheduled, staff must take time away from program duties to determine the missing child's whereabouts. Please call EinsteinWise and leave a message on the voice mail before 2:00 PM, send an email BEFORE 12 noon, or send a written note in advance to keep us informed. There will be a $5.00 fee added to your next bill for EACH failure to notify us of an absence, or for notifications received after 2:00 P.M.
All families will receive a one-time warning call or email for the first failure to notify of an absence. All further failures or later receipts of notices will result in the added charge to your bill. Repeated late notification may result in termination from the EinsteinWise program.
$50 – 1st child
$25 – 2nd child
$75 – Total for 3 or more children