EINSTEINWISE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM offer the right balance of academic rigor, cognitive development . The programs are targeted at grades K-6 and include not only the basic academic skills such as Mathematics, Reading, and Writing, but also critical thinking skills development programs like Chess and Robotics. For those who want to prepare for the rapidly changing world, we also provide Chinese language programs as a part of our program.

MATH: We developed our own blend of rigorous mathematics program with Singapore Math as the foundation. The program is further tailored to meet the individual student's skill level. Our students will measure up against any top math student in the world.

READING COMPREHENSION AND WRITING: The proprietary in-house vocabulary development software helps build rich, context sensitive vocabulary while our writing program helps progressively improve essay writing skills.

HOURS: The After School Program is from 4:15 to 6:30 pm except on Wednesdays which start at 1:30 pm.