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12:30 -
3:00 pm
  Beginner/ Intermediate Chess

Beginner/ Intermediate Chess

Beginner/ Intermediate Chess

Advanced Intermediate Chess


Chess Camps 4 camps are offered throughout the summer.See the schedule.

Each camp is one week long, Monday through Friday, 12:30 to 3:00 pm.

Beginner/ Intermediate

Learn tactics, strategies, and winning moves with this fun chess camp!

Hands on chess play with computer based training, which accelerates learning.

Includes a NWSRS rated tournament. Recommended for novices and club level players in grades K-8.

Gets Kids ready for advance camp (see below).

Maximum of 12 students in a camp. Class can fill up quickly. Pay $100 deposit now to secure a seat that will count toward the tuition.


Get more advanced strategies, and opening theory, for those looking for an edge in tournament play.  

Includes a rated tournament.

Recommended for experienced K-12 players above Northwest rating around or above 800.


Camp Rules
Pickup and Drop-off

Campers must arrive at the site a few minutes before 12:30 pm and picked up at 3:00 pm, unless the camper is continuing into the next program or class.  EinsteinWise does not provide daycare before or after camp.


Some camps may require that the campers buy the material for the camp.  You will be informed ahead of time as to what needs to be bought.  We do not supply the materials if the camp specifies that it must be provided by the camper.

Fees Camp fees are shown in the appropriate slot for each camp above.  Fees are payable in full on or before the first day of camp.  Once the camp starts, fees will not be refunded.  Summer camps are not eligible for sibling discounts.
Allowable Materials Campers are allowed to bring water to drink and a small snack if they are staying for a follow-on class. No external toys or games are allowed, and electronic gadgets such as cell phones must be used in emergency situations only.
Expected Behavior

Camps are meant for learning, teamwork, and fun.  Full participation is expected from all the attendees, and everyone is expected to respect the teacher and all other participants. Disruptive behavior (see the list below) will result in a warning, followed by a call to the parent/guardian to pick up the student early.  Subsequent disruptive behavior will result in expulsion and loss of class/camp privileges at EinsteinWise.

  • Disruptions or interference with Academic or Administrative activities at Einsteinwise. These include, but are not limited to, behaviors such as: persistently talking without being recognized; creating noise that obstructs the learning process; repeatedly interrupting others; mocking or ridiculing another’s work or comments; speaking in an abusive or derogatory manner; engaging in acts of physical aggression, causing or threatening injury, physical or verbal intimidation, damaging personal/Einsteinwise property, throwing items, or deliberately engaging in other disruptive behaviors.

  • Behaviors that compromise the health, safety or physical or mental well-being of an individual student: These include, but are not limited to: a pattern of bullying, threatening, tormenting, mocking, defaming, intimidating, stalking, exploiting known psychological or physical vulnerabilities or impairments; actions that jeopardize another person’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being; acts of aggression that affect a person’s academic or work performance; inciting or attempting to incite violence, harassment, or disruption by others; or behavior that compromises the ability of administrators to manage situations in accordance with their role and authority.